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Data-driven solutions empowering retailers to achieve business goals

A single-point software suite driven by AI/ML algorithms, that solve major retail challenges, such as: price automation, sales predictions and recommendations, competition analysis, channel monitoring. Spend less time worrying about sales forecasts and excel spreadsheets and more time thinking about innovative ways to drive your business forward.

AI / ML Algorhitms

Increase operations effectiveness by automating redundant and menial work.

Proven Efficiency

Created by retail experts, our cloud-based SaaS solutions deliver amazing year-over-year ROI.

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Our Retail Solutions

Price optimisation, recommendation and automation

Pricing made easy, the right way

We turn millions of data-points into actionable event-driven recommendations, that your team can rely on. Compare top-shelf pricing and decide on the best value for your products when compared to your competition or automate the process altogether and let our advanced pricing tool turn your sales into profits.

Competition analysis and price intelligence

Outperform competitors with key market insights

We collect a very large volume of prices and other product data from your competitors, for you to analyse them, compared to own products. Identify the market positioning for your products and services and react in real time to market changes, take knowledgeable pricing decisions, and altogether maximize profits while saving time and money.

Accurate demand planning and sales performance management

Easier, faster, better planning

We accurately forecast demand for hundreds of thousands of items, based on historical sales data and various attributes, such as: price, promotion types, stocks, together with external factors like special events or holidays. We capture trends and seasonality and identify causal factors such as price, promotions, and economic data and model their impact on future sales, maximizing and extending profits over the long term.

Personalized experience for every client

Take selling to the next level

Make good use of massive amounts of customer data (favourite products, purchase history, direct feedback) and refine it into accurate recommendations. Powerful algorithms will take lead, intelligently anticipating the intent of the customer and delivering the right product recommendations to individual clients, based on detailed, automatic analysis of their profiles and behaviours. Optimize customer service and marketing efforts, whilst also growing the conversion rate and average order value.

How it works

Integrations & More

Alteus Software Suite

Our software packages complement each other via connection mapping hooks or automated connectors. Add to that a SSO (single sign on) protocol, which enables you to manage all your products and features from one dashboard.

Alteus Connect API

We’ve created a friendly and easy-to-use API that exposes all the endpoints you might need to import your raw data or export your results into your own proprietary ecosystems.

Custom Solutions

Do you need something a little different? Does your company need our solutions deployed on premise? We would be more than happy to help you achieve your goals.

Who we are

When experience meets innovation

With passion for innovation and almost two decades of experience in projects across the retail spectrum, we’ve developed a powerful team of engineers, architects, and product specialists with extensive knowledge of the industry, who are here to guide our clients towards a better understanding of business and operational intelligence.

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